Near And Far / Ya Ana

from by The Near And Far

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יה אנא אמצאך
ואנא לא אמצאך

דרשתי קרבתך
בכל-לב' קראתיך
ובצתי לקראתך
לקראתי מצאתיך

יה אנא אמצאך
מקומך נעלה ונעלם
ואנא לא אמצאך
כבודך מלה עולם

Yah ana emtza-achah
V’ana lo emtza’acha

Darashti kirvat’cha
B’chol libi k’ra-t’cha
U-v’tzeiti li-k’rat’cha
Li-k’rati m’tzaticha

Yah ana emtza-akcah
M’kom’cha na’aleh v’ne’elam
V’ana lo emtza’acha
K’vod’cha malei olam

Yah, where shall I find you?
And where shall I not find you?

I sought Your closeness
I called to You with all my heart
And going out to meet You
I found you coming toward me

Yah, where shall I find you?
High and hidden is your place
And where shall I not find you?
The world is full of Your glory

(Yehudah Halevi [1075-1141] Spanish poet)


from Arba'im Shanah, released December 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Jeffrey Kasowitz Berkeley, California

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